Welcome to the Promising Programs page for Engaging Men and Boys

This page lists several of the current promising programs that are engaging men and boys in their initiatives. By clinking the link on the name of each program, you will be brought to that specific programs page in gender wiki. There you will find up to date information about the program and links to their resources and publications.

CARE Programming Examples


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Abatangamuco, in Burundi, works with men in the community to help them to realize the potential of women and create equality in their marital relationships, ultimately benefiting individuals, families and whole communities. They work through the positive deviant theory.


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The ARSHI project works in the northeastern district of Sunamganj of Bangladesh. The project aims to decrease maternal mortality, morbidity, and disability of adolescent girls and women and create leadership and empowerment of youth through creative sports based innovations

Inner Spaces Outer Faces Initiative (ISOFI)

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The Inner Spaces, Outer Faces Initiative (ISOFI) toolkit is designed for use by staff of international development and health organizations, and is made up of participatory group activities to help program staff to identify, explore, and challenge their own understanding of gender and sexuality in their lives, the lives of project participants and within the organizations in which they work.

Young Men Initative (YMI)

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The program strategized that by participating in gender-reflective activities, young men can reduce their risky sexual and violent behaviors. The intervention design was informed by previous impact evaluation studies of a similar approach in both Brazil and India that showed changes in attitudes and self-reported behaviors related to gender norms, condom use and use of violence against female partners.

MenCare (partnering)

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MenCare is a global fatherhood campaign whose mission is to promote men’s involvement as equitable, non-violent fathers and caregivers in order to achieve family well-being and gender equality. This project allows you to create your own materials to make culturally sustainable campaigns in your area.

Other Initiatives

One Man Can
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Sonke Gender Justice Network’s flagship program, the One Man Can Campaign, is dedicated to supporting men and boys to take action to end domestic and sexual violence and to promote healthy, equitable relationships. The Campaign promotes the idea that every man has a role to play, that each man can create a better, more equitable, and more just world.

Program H

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Program H is a gender-sensitive program created by a Brazilian NGO, Insituto Promundo. This program is designed to educate men and women on the benefits of gender equality and joint decision-making. It encourages men to respect their partners, to avoid using violence against women, and to take precautions to avoid HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

The CHAMPION Project: Men as Partners (MAP)

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The project takes a holistic approach to HIV prevention and addresses the underlying gender issues that drive HIV transmission. The CHAMPION Project aims to reduce men’s high-risk behaviors, promote fidelity and a reduction in the number of sexual partners, eliminate gender-based violence, and increase men's participation in health services. This is done by using the Men as Partners (MAP) manual combine with several other mass media campaigns to reach the greater population.

Stepping Stones

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Stepping Stones is a training package that addresses gender, HIV, communication and relationship skills. It is also sometimes described as a life-skills training package, covering many aspects of our lives, including why we behave in the ways we do, how gender, generation and other issues influence this, and ways in which we can change our behavior, if we want to.