The workshop was facilitated by an OCHA consultant with a wide range of experience in GBV, human rights, protection and SEA. On the final day of the workshop, additional facilitators, Angela Mackay and Alexina Mugwebi Rusere, each of whom are integral in overseeing the FP Networks on Kenya and Somalia respectively, helped lead discussions of country teams on developing and streamlining country action plans to address SEA.

The daily and final evaluations by participants were very favourable. The prevailing opinion was that the workshop achieved the participants’ expectations, in so far as participants learned key tools and methodologies for practical integration of SEA mandates into workplace codes of conduct, and left with an action plan to guide them in applying these tools to staff professional conduct. All participants who completed final evaluations noted that they would recommend this workshop to others. Participants did, however, have recommendations for improving the workshop, highlighted below.