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Below is a list of videos that focus on masculinities.
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Thomas Reuters video: Post-war Machismo - Be a Man The story of Dragan, a young man who has been redefining what it means to ‘be a man’ for himself and his community in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Abatangamuco (’he who brings light’) works with men in the community to help them to realize the potential of women and create equality in their marital relationships, ultimately benefiting individuals, families and whole communities. They work through the positive deviant theory. There are 3 videos highlighting the success of the program. Duration of videos: 6-10 minutes each.

CARE Engaging Men and Boys Learning Initiative
  • Nepal Video - (Nepali, English subtitles). This documentary focuses on one community in Kapilvastu, Southern Nepal, to show how men and couples are changing the way they interact with one another to bring about social change, and also how men are supporting women’s movement for empowerment and gender equality.
  • Mali Video (French and Bambara, English subtitles). CARE works with men in the Segou region of Mali – among largely polygamous societies – to begin challenging social norms, and to act as allies for gender equality and women’s empowerment. This video shows CARE’s efforts to engage men for gender equality in Mali, and highlights stories of change.

Men Led Movements for Social and Gender Justice
This film is on the project Adolescent Women's Reproductive and Sexual Health Initiative (ARSHI), developed by CARE Bangladesh. It aims to decrease maternal mortality and morbidity of adolescent girls and women in Sunamganj district in Sylhet division. CARE works to ensure safe motherhood and youth friendly services to empower women and youth with information and skills to support healthy practices, and to mobilize the community and the state to create a social and policy environment in support of the sexual and reproductive rights of women. This 31 minute long film is in Bengali with English subtitles.

Documentary on Young Men Initiative (YMI)
This 10 minute film is exploring issues related to gender norms and adolescent boys in the countries of Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Exploring how the break-up of Yugoslavia saw the reemergence of patriarchal values, this documentary will highlight the lives of 3 young men who are working to challenge there social norms around what it means to be a man in the Balkans. This film has English subtitles.

Engaging Men and Boys for Gender Equality
This is a 3 minute video made for CARE staff and partners to be used in training's, meetings, and orientations.

In French

CARE Engaging Men and Boys Learning Initiative

  • **Mali Video** Les hommes dans la région de Ségou s’engagent sous la facilitation de CARE contre les VBG faites aux femmes et aux filles et pour l’humanisation des relations époux – épouses dans un contexte national où la polygamie, facteur d’atténuation de ces violences, est admise par la norme sociale et par la loi légale. Cette vidéo retrace le processus et les efforts par lesquels CARE, ONG partenaires et Groupes cibles sont ensemble passés par là, et présente des histoires personnelles de changement.
In English

A Way to Justice: Engaging Men for Women's Rights and Gender Transformation
This moving Film and complementary Discussion Guide was created by Sonke Gender Justice Network and MenEngage Alliance in 2009. It focuses on men and women who have struggled against gender-based violence, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and the impact of conflict and civil war, including the problems faced by displaced populations. Duration of film: 40 minutes.

Simon & I
SIMON & I is an inspiring story of black South African gay rights activists, Simon Nkoli, who died of AIDS in 1998, and Bev Ditsie. Their story charts the history of the gay and lesbian liberation movement in South Africa and presents a personal account of the devastating AIDS epidemic in Africa. The film was produced by See Thru Media and Steps For The Future. Co-directed by Bev Palesa Ditsie and Nicky Newman. Distributed by Women Make Movies. Duration of film: 52 minutes.=== ===

Getting Out
A sixty minute documentary shot in Uganda, South Africa, Geneva and London, with supporting footage from Malawi and Zimbabwe, that explores the stories of 5 LGBTI individuals seeking Asylum from African countries where "coming out" is not an option. The film is produced by the by the Refugee Law Project in collaboration with the Ugandan Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights & Constitutional Law. There are two parts to the video (thirty minutes each) that can be found here: Part 1 and Part 2. Duration of film: Part 1: 27 minutes, Part 2: 35 minutes.

Call me Kuchu
This is a documentary of the Ugandan activists as they try to defeat the government law against homosexuality. The documentary highlights Uganda's first openly gay man who was brutally murdered during the filming of the video. The film was directed by Katherine Fairfax Wright & Malika Zouhali-Worrall. For more information please visit their website.

**Tinzweiwo (Hear Our Plea)**
This is a 12 minute video clip with interviewees on LGBT rights and their promotion for these rights to be in constitution of Zimbabwe.

A short documentary about a group of men working to stop violence against women. Includes a story by the step daughter of Nicaraguan revolutionary Daniel Ortega who was sexually abused by her stepfather. Xavier Cano describes the violence that happens within families and how it must be put to a stop.

“Man Prayer”
This 2 minute video highlights how violence against women hurts everyone, including men by Eve Ensler. In multiple languages with English subtitles.

It Starts with You. It Stay with Him
In this 4 minute video follows a boy named James' interest in ballet and dance falls outside the gender box. Despite facing insults, criticism and adversity from peers, his fathers Robert and Thomas have supported his passion from the beginning.Their support has inspired him to not only continue his passion, but also to pass that support on through mentoring others.

Minha Vida de João / La Vida de Juan / Once Upon a Boy
This video developed by Promundo and PAHO presents the story of a young man and the expectations and challenges he faces as he grows up. It addresses a diversity of issues, including domestic violence, homophobia, sexuality, first sexual relationships, unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections (STI) and fatherhood. This video has no words and therefore can be watched around the world.

Afraid of What?
This video is a tool to promote discussion on the topic of sexual diversity among groups of adolescents. Its aim is to stimulate critical reflections that contribute to increase respect of sexual diversity and the reduction of homophobia. There is not language used in this film so it can be watched all of the world. There are three parts to the film, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

In French, en francais

Ma vie en rose

This feature length French film is about a small boy Ludovic who cross-dresses and generally acts like a girl, talks of marrying his neighbor's son and cannot understand why everyone is so surprised about it. His actions lead to problems for him and his family. This film has subtitles in English, Spanish, and French.

VRAI DJO (Education Fills)

The Father: Child marriage is a particular concern in rural parts of the DRC. Here a father looks over his daughter's poor grades, and calls a man to the house. At first his daughter worries that the man has come to marry her, but she is finds that her father is a "Vrai Djo", who has hired a personal tutor. This film has English subtitles.

Les garcons en rose

In this 6 minute video a French footballer talks about gender stereotyping.

Ça commence avec toi. Ça reste avec lui

French corresponding campaign called Ca Commence Ave Toi created by the partners COPA (Centre Ontarien pour la Prevention des Agressions). This is a short documentary/ interview film on the role of men in violence. Une dizaine d'hommes du milieu communautaire explorent leur rôle comme modèles accessibles auprès des enfants. Ils proposent des stratégies pour promouvoir les relations saines et égalitaires entre les sexes.

Les garçons en rose ? Mathieu Blin

Mathieu Blin is a former player of the French stage. He is the current President of Provale the union of French professional players, it is also a signatory to the Pact for Gender Equality.

In Portuguese

MenCare Brazil Film
This video was developed by Promundo to highlight their MenCare program. In this 6 minute video, Marcio narrates the importance men's involvement in the lives of their families, even if it goes against traditional expectations.