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This is a collection of learning briefs that showcase how we've approached masculinities programming and lessons learnt.

Brief 1: Stories of Engagement (2014)

  • What does engaging men and boys mean for gender and development work? What is its potential for supporting social change for gender equality?

Brief 2: Lessons Learnt (2014)

This brief highlights CARE's experiences to date in engaging men and boys for gender equality, highlighting promising practices, lessons learnt and new areas to explore/engage for impactful programming grounded in gender equality values.

Brief 3: Man in the Mirror - reflections on men and boys engaging gender work for development (2016)

(en francais)

Who are the men who take action for gender equality in their communities and what drives them? Brief 3 of the series showcases the experiences of men and boys in Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Niger who go against the grain of social norms to redefine what it means to be a man in their communities.


Screencasts in 5 minutes or less:

Man in the Mirror the 2015 Engaging Men and Boys Learning Initiative

Watch a 3 part screencast on the 2015 EMB Learning Initiative, which looked at: Who are the men and boys engaged in this work ? What motivates them? And what sustains them to continue working on issues of gender?


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