The baseline of the project EDUSEX - BOL091 implemented by CARE in Bolivia at the city of Potosi, Bolivia; was developed in the 10 educational units of intervention of the project: Gualberto Villaroel, Benicio Montero Mallo C, Antofagasta B, José María Linares B, Ismael Mounts B, Manuel Belgrano, Manuel Ascencio Padilla, Germán Busch B, Villa Columbus and Antofagasta A. In each one of these educational units the stratified sampling covers: students among the ages from 10 to 18 years from 3er cycle of primary to 2do cycle of secondary (238 of a total of 1375), teachers (26 of a total of 86) and parents (47 of a total of 151 leaders and course representatives). Baseline also applied to students of the Teacher Training Institute Eduardo Avaroa - INSEA (that coordinates in the processes of training of the project) with 26 students out of 81 and 5 teachers out of 12, all them related with the thematic areas related with the project.

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Baseline Findings Summary
external image msword.png BASELINE FINDINGS SUMMARY.doc
Plan de Travworking Plan for Learning
external image msword.png PLAN DE TRABWORKING PLAN FOR LEARNING.doc
Edited Report Jan 2008
external image msword.png Edited report Jan 3008.doc
Informe Adolesc Leaders
external image vnd.ms-excel.png 2008-12 INFORME ADOLESC LEADERS SSR-BOL091 BO336.xls

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Strategic Impact Inquiry in Bolivia

· Bolivia SII Summary.pdf - A 2-page overview of CARE's research on women's empowerment within a mining town and border city in Bolivia, and the impact of CARE's work on women's lives.

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